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Rosh Hodesh Kislev will be celebrated on Sunday, November 23.
Mabrook to Rabbi and Mrs. Mordechai Arakanchi on the birth of a baby girl. Mabrook to the grandparents, Rabbi and Mrs. Eli Ben Haim

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The Rabbi’s Message
"And Esav came from the field and he was tired."
(Beresheet 25:29)
Rabbi Nissan Alpert z"l points out that this is the first time the
Torah uses the word  - tired. When a word is introduced to us in
the Torah in a certain context, we are supposed to learn from that
usage and apply that same meaning all over.
Abraham was one of the busiest men we have ever seen. He
traveled from place to place, building altars, serving guests, being
tested and passing those tests successfully, and we never find that
he was tired. He lived for 175 years and had a full and very
involved life and yet the Torah never describes him as tired. We
know from our own experiences of great people who are very busy,
involved in a million things, and we never perceive them as tired.
The lesson here is that someone who is involved with a spiritual
dimension to his life has the energy for many more things than
someone who is just existing a mundane life. Esav was busy doing
sins on the day he sold his birthright and he was not rejuvenated by
anything spiritual of any meaning. Therefore, he was "tired." If
we fill our lives with meaning, if we have spiritual contact in the
things we do, we will have the spice and sparkle which will keep
us from getting stale. Only someone who lives a life of
materialism, without letting Hashem into his world, will become
"tired" easily. Let us be like Abraham and have the energy for
much more in our lives. Shabbat Shalom.
Rabbi Shmuel Choueka


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NOVEMBER 21-22, 2014 29 HESHVAN 5775
Friday Shir Hashirim/Minhah: 4:17 pm Shaharit: 5:50, 7:00, 8:30, 8:45 & 9:00 am
Candlelighting: 4:17 pm Morning Shema by: 8:42 (MA), 9:16 (GRA)
Evening Shema after: 5:15 pm Shabbat Minhah: 3:50 pm
Shabbat Ends: 5:14 pm (R”T 5 :46 pm)
Weekday Minhah: 4:15 pm
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