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About Ohel Simha

Welcome to Ohel Simha Park Ave Shull!

For over three decades, Ohel Simha has served as the bedrock of the Jersey Shore Community, wholeheartedly committed to upholding and preserving our treasured Sephardic Syrian Minhagim, Hazanut, Tefilot and Halachot. With an unwavering dedication to fostering a vibrant Talmud Torah program. Our steadfast commitment is to unify and bring our community together to serve Boreh Olam at the highest level.

Originating as a modest local minyan it has flourished into the dynamic Park Avenue Synagogue, leaving an enduring imprint on the lives of our diverse community members.

In July 1989, a group of visionary community members, including Mal, Eddie, Jack, and Mike Mamiye a”h, dedicated themselves to the memory of their beloved mother, Simha Mamiye Dabbah a”h, and transformed the local minyan into Congregation Ohel Simha. Settling into its own home on Park Avenue, the congregation pledged to become a dynamic center of Jewish life for the surrounding area. Throughout the years, as the congregation flourished, the leaders of Ohel Simha remained committed to preserving the intimate and welcoming atmosphere of those early days as a close-knit neighborhood minyan.

Under the esteemed guidance of Rabbi Shmuel Choueka, Ohel Simha has experienced tremendous growth, becoming a spiritual home not only in the immediate neighborhood but also throughout the entire Jersey Shore community. Our congregation offers an array of programs year-round, catering to the diverse needs and interests of our members.

Recognizing the increasing demand for our Kenis, the synagogue's leadership embarked on an ambitious project to expand the building. With the support of the community, plans were set in motion to create additional prayer rooms, meeting spaces, and a social hall capable of hosting joyous celebrations. The overwhelming backing from our community demonstrated the shared belief in the importance of this endeavor.

Finally, on Shabbat Parashat Korah, June 28, 2008, exactly 19 years after Ohel Simha first opened its doors, we unveiled the "Park Avenue Shul," a remarkable 19,000-square-foot extension that stands as a testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our community. The next day, amidst the resounding melodies of Hazan David Shiro, distinguished rabbis, and esteemed community leaders, we gathered in our magnificent new social hall to celebrate the inauguration of the building and the dedication of a new sefer Torah. It was an unforgettable day of triumph and joy, cherished by all those who hold Ohel Simha dear to their hearts.

Today, Ohel Simha draws visitors from far and wide, who choose our gala social hall as the perfect venue to host their celebrations. Our around the clock Talmud Torah programs buzz with engaging classes for men, women, and children, while the sounds of heartfelt prayers reverberate throughout the sprawling building. Remarkably, Ohel Simha remains true to its initial pledge of being a vibrant center of Jewish life on the Jersey Shore, emanating the warmth and unity of a cherished neighborhood minyan. We strive to serve Hashem yitbarach with devotion and continue to illuminate the lives of our congregants and the broader community.


Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784