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Sell Hametz 2019

Sell Your Hametz 2019

In order to sell your chametz, please fill out the below form completely. Please fill out all applicable in order to assure that we are able to sell your chametz for you and adhere to all Torah requirements. 

The main sale of Hametz will be on Friday April 19th at 11:08AM.(for

If you will be in another time zone you will be part of the earlier sale on Thursday April 18th at  11:00AM.

Please call Rabbi Choueka for other arrangements if necessary @ (732) 261-6106

Last time to eat Hametz is Friday April 19th at 9:53AM.
Last time to own Hametz is  Friday April 19th at 11:08AM.(for

In this case your hametz will be sold the day before(Thursday April 18th at  11:00AM.) to avoid owning hametz in another timezone.


By Submitting this form, you hereby agree to make Rabbi Shmuel Choueka of Ohel Simha Congregation your shaliyach (appointed representative) to sell your hametz for you over Passover.

Fri, April 19 2019 14 Nisan 5779